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The Hannon Skin Care Story

Travelling and working intimately with women across the globe, Hannon Bothma became aware of how a difference in

climate and lifestyle can effect the skin and the speed with which humans show signs of ageing.


Climate:  South Africa is rather unique as climates completely differ between the different regions.  Most of South Africa has an exceptionally dry atmosphere that can suddenly change to high humidity.  One’s skin can feel dry and tight the one moment and suddenly become oily and shiny on the same day.   In some areas people can never get enough moisture, so they will apply a rich moisturiser in the morning, but a few hours later their skin is dry and feels tight and sensitive once again.


Water:  The water with which we cleanse our bodies is often a direct cause of skin conditions.  An increase in the impurities of our water is a major skincare concern.  In some areas the calcium and sodium content of available water is so high, that surfactants as soaps and facial washes, cannot lather properly and therefore cannot cleanse properly.


Lifestyle:  Most people in South Africa work very long hours where they are exposed to artificial ventilation such as air-conditioning and indoor heating.  With one of the best climates in the world, we are very much an outdoor nation that enjoys sport and a variety of outdoor activities from a very young age.  South Africa and Australia are the two countries with the highest count in UV-radiation and as a result, skin cancer.


Hannon’s personal quest in looking for answers and remedies to fight the visible signs of premature ageing led him to seek guidance for the cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical departments of Potchefstroom University.  They had knowledge about a revolutionary new ingredient, MOIST 24 that proved amazing results through clinical studies and tests.  For some time the Professor in charge was waiting patiently for someone to the likes of Hannon to come along and join him in the development of a skin care range, containing MOIST 24, used to actively fight the signs of ageing.  Hannon identified several professional beauty specialists form a variety of regions in South Africa for them to try and to also test these laboratory samples on themselves as well as their clients.  For 11 years these formulations were constantly tried and reformulated, tested and retested.  Finally these formulations carried the stamp of approval for all our beauty experts and Hannon himself.


Once again HANNON is bringing you a range of products developed with you in mind.  The HANNON SKIN CARE RANGE is a truly South African range for the unique South-African climate

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