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Why do teenagers suffer from Breakouts

Breakouts in teenagers are a common problem and have a negative effect on their self confidence.

In every pore in the skin is a sebaceous gland which produce sebum (oil).  This sebum is excreted  by the pore to the surface of the skin.  The function of the sebum is to protect the skin against excessive moisture loss.  During our teenage years, sebum gets thicker and sticky, due to the change in hormones.  When the sebum gets to the surface of the skin, it oxidize with oxygen, harden and forms a blackhead.  This blackhead forms a blockage in the pore, sebum cannot be excreted, pressure is build up and forms an abscess that we call a pimple.  Bacteria accumulates in the pimple and spread to other pores, and this is how acne conditions is formed.

If you experience a specific aggressive skin condition just before an important function, a doctor can prescribe a light antibiotic that will improve inflammation.  If you do not have a skin routine, unfortunately, the results will be of short duration.

Using a facial wash, morning and evening, which contains antibacterial ingredients, will have a wonderful effect on the skin and will manage the forming of blackheads.  It is very important to wash your face after sport or any sweaty activity.

Teenagers, as well as adults should learn not to touch their skin with their bare hands, this will decrease the spreading of bacteria.

A lot of people buy a very strong cream from a supermarket to apply on pimples, but unfortunately, this as well is of short duration.

Most of the times, we damage our skin during our teenage years.  Good advice is to use a moisturizer which contains Zinc Oxide – this ingredient will improve inflammation.  It absorbs excess sebum on the skin and will prevent the skin from being to oily.  This moisturizer should be applied each time after washing your skin, mornings and evenings.

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