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Why do your pores appear larger when you are getting older

The older one gets, the more keratin your body produces.  Keratin is found in your nails, hair and skin.  You will notice with ageing that your skin becomes thicker. Pores stays the same size. When you have an oily or combination T-panel skin type (oily on your forehead, nose and chin) you will notice that you have enlarged pores. As you grow older, your enlarged pores will appear larger due to the thickening of the skin and the elasticity that is lost in the skin cells.  The skin texture appears rough.

You will see results easily and quite fast with the use of two exfoliators. You need to use the exfoliators at least twice a week, but not on the same day, as it can cause your skin to be sensitive.

The first exfoliator is a facial wash with fine granules. Not all exfoliators are effective, so you will need to ask your beautician for an exfoliator with fine grounded shells. The grounded shells can not dissolve in the soapy basis of the product and therefore you can remove more dead skin cells e.g on your nose and cheeks. After removing the exfoliator you will be able to see the new energetic skin cells.  Two days after exfoliating with the grounded shells exfoliator, you need to exfoliate with an enzymatic exfoliator. You apply it on the skin and simply leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. An Enzyme skin peeler penetrates deeper into the skin and dissolves the protein bindings between the dead skin cells and remove it from the surface of the skin. After 10 minutes wash the exfoliator off with a face wash to neutralize the skin.

In the Hannon skincare range are the Mother of Pearl Facial scrub and Gentle Enzymatic skin Peeler which is excellent to use in this situation.

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